Seawater Solutions Hendrik Eck am Arbeitsplatz der Forschungseinrichtung

Why was Seawater Solutions developed for reef aquaria?

Since my childhood I maintained different aquaria at home. I was even happier when, during my biology studies at the University of Bayreuth, I got the chance to work at an institute whose special focus lies on the ecology of various reef inhabitants.

Over time, the reef biology facility was transferred to my care. This facility is a system of several experimental & breeding aquaria, which togethercomprise about 6000 liters. The entire facility is designed for corals as well as other reef organisms and a variety of LPS, SPS, crustaceans, echinoderms, fish, etc. are being housed.

What scientific knowledge are the reef aquarium products based on?

At the University of Bayreuth, I have been pursuing my scientific career for 9 years and have completed both my Bachelor of Science in Biology, as well as my Master of Science in "Molecular Ecology". In my current PhD thesis, I am extending my expertise in the disciplines of biology, chemistry and environmental analytics, in order to get to the bottom of the still unexplored questions surrounding the ecology of our reef ecosystems.

Over the years, I have designed my own supply system for the reef research facility and have continued to improve it through scientific experimentation.

Through this platform I would like to share with you this knowledge about the influence, as well as the correct use of different quantity & trace elements and the most important nutrients. You are also welcome to order my scientifically tested products directly from this store.

What makes Seawater Solutions' product offering unique?

My products consist exclusively of pure substances in pharmaceutical quality for the laboratory supply and are produced with absolute care directly for each and every one of you. In addition, I try as much as possible to outsource my purchase of pure substances and packaging, as well as the design of my products to local companies, in order to support the region economically and to avoid unnecessarily long transport routes.

Besides offering high quality products, the name of this company should stand for excellent service. If you have any problems or suggestions, or if you are missing a certain product that you would like me to design and offer at a fair price, feel free to let me know at any time. I will try to process your requests as soon as possible.

How else can you benefit from Seawater Solutions?

On our Q&A page you will find answers to common customer questions. We are also present on Instagram and Facebook, to keep you up to date. Here you can also get in touch with me, if you are interested in a certain topic and you either can't find anything about it or - as it is unfortunately often the case - completely opposite opinions circulate in the net. I will work on these topics as factually and neutrally as possible for you, publish and discuss them with you.